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Cindy’s Son, Jared Broadwater was sworn into the U.S. Air Force on July 8, 2014

Cindy’s Daughter, Mandy Diaz

Served 2003-2011 on the

U.S.S. Nimitz CVN 68

with two deployments to Iraq  

The following pictures are the family members of Cindy that have served their country. Includes Civil War, WWl,  WWll, Korean War, Viet Nam, Operation Iraqi Freedom Veterans and Police Officers.

Here at Lost Creek Marina, we are servants at heart. We believe that people who go over the top deserve to be honored and         rewarded. The responsibilities taken on by our Armed Forces and Emergency Service Providers are over the top and beyond. These people put their lives on the line for us, and for that, we will honor them.

Here are the men and women in uniform who are family members and/or have personally influenced the staff here at Lost Creek  Marina.

If you would like to have your loved one honored, please let us know! Send us a message with the subject HERO with their photo, name, relation to you, and their story to info@Lost-Creek-Marina.com or via Private Message on Facebook.

These photos and stories will be posted on our social media networks to proudly display their selfless acts.